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20 years ago today, the world was given a gift that still impacts many lives today. Lessons that can’t be unlearned, jokes that make us laugh every time we hear them, laughs that echo through a whole room, and most importantly, we saw how love can bind us all together.
20 years ago, they were just 6 people who were given a pilot script, and they filmed it, hoping for at least one season. Little did they know, 10 years later, their series finale would be watched by 52.46 million viewers, making it the 4th most watched television series finale in US history.
Though “Friends” may have aired 20 years ago, it still has all the value today that it had then, plus more…and that value continues to grow everyday.
So today, if you find a spare moment, watch an episode of “Friends”, and remember one of the most important lessons that this phenomenal show ever taught us…always be there for your friends, and they’ll be there for you too

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